In 2004 Terry’s Pratchett’s Discworld novel Going Postal was published, and a set of stamps mentioned in the book was made available to collectors. They proved popular! So much so that more sets were issued and these too were snapped up. What set these stamps apart from other Cinderella stamps was that they related to the stories in the Discworld canon, and as such, retained much of the quirkiness that made the books popular; stamps could be FUN!. As I write this in 2014, the stamps are celebrating their 10th anniversary, with hundreds of stamps issued over the years. Many of the stamps also have what are known as ‘sports’; one stamp per sheet usually, with a small deliberate design difference. These are particularly collectable. The stamps, covers, and other postal ephemera are (almost) exclusively available from The Discworld Emporium in Wincanton, who act as sole agents between the Ankh-Morpork Post Office and this world.

Early in 2014 I started a FaceBook page,
The Discworld Stamp Collector. Fans of the stamps were already well catered for with an official Forum and a fan site dedicated to the stamps - The Discworld Stamp Catalogue. But I wanted something more. Somewhere where I could put my own views of what was up and coming, what was happening, and somewhere where all the bits of information concerning some issues could be collected and collated, and shared with the DW stamp collecting community. The first of these concerned the 2004 $1 Tower of Art stamp and its varied sports, both released and unreleased. Those who know this stamp well may well have said ‘try something simpler’, for this whole issue abounds with stamp varieties souffléd with a degree of confusion. Other topics followed, but the limitations of FaceBook became apparent. Images cannot be embedded within the text, so to be clear topics needed to be broken down into bite-sized chunks. New comments are added above older ones, making logical reading difficult. New topics push older ones down the pile; Facebook is essentially a here-and-now application.

Consequently, my observations and mini-essays on the stamps will continue to be initially published on FaceBook together with all the news and views, but this site will be an archive reference site for any lasting information on the FaceBook page - reformatted and expanded.
Any comments about the content of these pages, or if you have any additional information for me, can be left as a message on the Facebook page.