Orchids in the News


This page is just a list of links to news items, BBC for preference, about UK orchids. No doubt the links will all be 404s soon enough, so catch `em while you can.

25th May 2022
Late Spider Orchid theft

1st April 2022
Giant Orchid found growing in Britain
The Guardian

14th June 2021
Serapsia paviflora grows on a London roof garden
BBC news

9 August 2019
Irish Lady's Tresses found in Wales for the first time

2 August 2018
Irish Lady's Tresses (Spiranthes romanzoffiana) appears in a school field

20 July 2018
Critically endangered plant flowers for the first time in Suffolk for more than 40 years
East Anglia Daily Times

7 July 2016
Late Spider Orchids dug up, dumped or stolen
Kent Online

6 July 2016
Orchids paint the hill a sadder shade of pink

29 May 2016
Roof garden for Green-wingeds
Evening Standard

26 May 2016
Protective fence for Green-wingeds

6 February 2016
Conservation efforts for the Fen Orchid

9 August 2013
A blooming year for orchids

4 August 2013
White Helleborines found in Buck House gardens

18 July 2013
Orchids rescued from building site
BBC News

12 July 2013
Helleborines emigrate to the colonies
New York Times

6 July 2013
Orchids invade a football pitch
BBC News

5 July 2013
Re-introduction into Birmingham
Wildlife Trust

29 May 2013
Early Spider Orchid in Jersey
BBC News

15 May 2013
Lady Slipper has armed guard at Chelsea
BBC News

13 May 2013
Spring comes late to Jersey
BBC News

3 July 2012
Red Helleborines in the Cotwolds
BBC News

16 March 2012
Saving Fen Orchids
BBC News

7 May 2010
Lady Slipper gets armed guard
BBC News

19 March 2010
The Return of the Ghost Orchid.
BBC News
The Independent

14 May 2009
Lesser Twayblade recolonises IOM
BBC News