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This page lists albums known but whose publishers are not represented on the other pages. They include those where the few details exist and they are presented in no particular order.


Published by A.H. Reed of Dunedin, New Zealand and said to date from 1920

No details about this except that it dates from 1920s


The On His Service Stamp Album is from Australia and dates from 1919-20

Another publisher. This Sunday School Stamp Album dates from 1923. Unfortunately the picture resolution is insufficient to read the small print. One stamp appears to be from a different series to the other three on the page opposite.




The Bible Stamp Album was produced for the International Sunday School Lessons by publisher JW Butcher of London. There was spaces for 49 stamps, and is hardback. It is undated but looks to be a similar format as other pre-1920 albums from the CofE Institute especially the stamps but has a different title.




An example of some loose stamps sold on a New Zealand auctions site. No publisher details, but said to date from 1927 due to other ephemera included in the lot



An Australian example dated to 1919-20. Mostly complete album of stamps. Again no publisher noted, but asking price of NZ$300! A bit expensive considering it is not in perfect condition, incomplete and most albums are much much cheaper.




These four albums appeared on an auction site but the write up gave no indication of their vintage or source. However all four look to be pre-1920 and of a similar era; possibly collected by a single person in successive years. Three at least, the My Stamp Albums, would probably from the same publisher. No stamp pictures were included.

One item that I donít have any information on is this album. Titled the Princess Elizabeth Stamp Album it looks (and was described as) late 1940s. This thumbnail picture is all I know about it

This item is from the USA and appears to be more modern in cover artwork, yet has more traditional stamps. It was handed in to a centre specializing in recycling things for educational purposes in Portland, Oregon. The cover indicates Warner Press of Indiana.
The stamps, unless the image has been photoshopped, seem to be of quite a large size, possibly one per page.


This stamp is one of those mysteries. The text is apparently Ukrainian and says Catholic Church. It could be an attendance stamp.

An article going back a few years makes reference to Sunday School attendance stamps in Canada