Related Ephemera

This page is a bit of a dumping ground for items other than the Attendance Stamps and their albums, but are related somehow. This is purely for reference as these are not and will not be part of the collection. Any semblance to a logical order is coincidental.


A similar item featured is this, possibly home made book, in which are collected attendance tickets (as opposed to stamps) but awarded in a similar manner except the children could select which ticket they wanted. Said to be a treasured family item. Perhaps these are examples of Card Stamps.


Included only because it links Cinderella stamps and Sunday schools is the charity fundraising booklet form 1932. Actually is quite self explanatory, but it did contain 4 stamps of unknown design


Star Register

Many of the albums have a ‘star register’, usually inside the back cover. The idea is that each attendance is rewarded with a star. This can operate independently of the stamp album concept as this example shows. Little purple stars are stuck in the folded card. I have not seen these used on any of the stamp album star registers, though a number of them do have an ‘X’ handwritten for each attendance.
Other Sunday Schools issued ornate Star Collector Cards - lower image.


The Little Bible Pictures

These were cards rather than stamps, issued between the 1890s and 1912. They do appear to be for specific dates for a certain year. The reverse shows the lesson for the day. Wile the concept may have contributed to the stamps, there is not suggestion they were collected as evidence for attendance, and no official albums, only home made, were released. This series was published by the Sunday School Union. Below is a rather ornate example of a home made album for the cards



Bible Stamp Picture Publishing Co

The Stamp Lessons

A 16 page magazine giving guidance for teachers regarding the lessons based on the stamps for February 1928. As yet no stamps or albums from this company are in my collection.

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