Cheeky Cherubs

The theme for the 2010 issue was Cherubs, with big hearts - literally. The standard stamp shows a cherub holding a heart bigger than its body. The sheet of stamps had a variant design, and there was an additional variant with two extra stars in the background. The issue was complete with a Valentines card, high quality covers (standard and deluxe), and a special proof sheet of all the Isle of Vue stamps from 2006 to 2010. Single stamp purchasers received theirs in a signed mount in its special envelope. There was even a packaging label with a cherub motif for mailing of orders. Did you save yours?

There were, however, further rarities to collect.  Those who ordered a full set of items received a strip of four big-hearted cherub stamps with For My Valentine in different styles on the hearts. These came in their own special envelope.
Meanwhile for those who placed their orders early received a pair of stamps showing an alternate design with a blue ribboned boy cherub facing a pink ribboned girl cherub, both holding a smaller heart. The variety did not end there, for there was a no-stars variation of this pair too. Even this is misleading because on the sheets produced for these stamps the variants are on different rows.  These sheets came in a special envelope and were a bonus for members of The Cinderella Stamps Forum, who if an Early Birder also received the no-stars variant pair.
This so-called alternative design was actually intended as the official version after test sheets had been printed, but a slip up meant the Big Hearted version had to take its place.

 What to look for in this issue?

  • Standard and alternative big hearted variants
  • The For My Valentine four stamp strip
  • The alternative designs
  • And the No Stars variants, especially as a se-tenant pair
  • All the associated paraphernalia