Language of Roses

The 2009 stamps from the Isle of Vue broke new ground. The theme was the language of roses; for example a red rose, the central stamp to the issue, representing Love and Devotion. The stamp`s shapes were an irregular pentagon, and each had a square (the shape dictated by accommodating both stamps and labels on a sheet) explanatory label.
The sheets consisted of 12 stamps, accompanied by a label, with six red rose stamps and six stamps featuring roses of different colours, again with their own unique meaning. Though these meanings roughly follow our world`s language of roses, there are slight differences, and the blue and the black rose (see next paragraph) are perhaps unique to Laernu. There was a variant red rose stamp on the sheet.
A special Bl
ack Rose stamp (Rejuvenation and Start Anew) was available as a special extra and came in its own envelope as did a single red rose stamp. The set was rounded off with a stamped cover and Valentines card showing Cherubs hard at work.
A rare imperforate gummed sheet of 12 red and 8 black rose stamps shows how sheet contents were adjusted to provide the extra stamps for covers.

Mailings of an unrelated issue in October the previous year had a postal label on the envelope. It was based on the previous year`s stamp from Vue, and stated Only 86 days left until St Valentine`s Day. These demonstrate that this stamp issue was in preparation at least three months earlier.
These labels have a drawback. They, or at least some printings, use water soluble inks, and by no-means should they be allowed to get wet. Keep them on piece rather than soaking them off.


What to look for in the issue?

  • The red rose variant
  • The black rose and its envelope
  • Imperforate sheets
  • Single stamps showing roses of other colours