Sir Terry Pratchett created a world of magic and humour - Discworld; a flat disc of a world atop four giant elephants standing on an even larger turtle, A’tuin, swimming slowly through space. Through 41 novels and other spin-offs he entertained millions of readers. For me a pivotal moment was the publication of Going Postal, where the Ankh-Morpork Post Office was revitalised and readers of a philatelic leaning (or memorabilia collectors generally) could start their own Discworld stamp collection. Many of the stamps feature or commemorate events or passages in the novels. These web pages attempt to tie some of those stamps to the novels. Each book is represented by a brief story outline; if that’s not enough for you, then read the book. These outlines are purely one-dimensional Disneyesque narratives lacking some of the background of the plot, but this is not about the stories behind the stories. The pages merely serve to take us from one stamp to the next. Where a stamp or other postally related material illustrates the happenings it is featured. Click on any stamp image for a more detailed version in new window.


Great A’tuin as depicted on the $1 stamp issued in the Year of the Sneezing Panda.

Obviously some stories will have more stamps referenced than others. That cannot be helped, but hopefully in the forthcoming years more stamps issued will fill these gaps. Books like Wee Free Men had few direct links, and I resorted to the ‘anything available’ approach. Going Postal on the other hand has so many links that some pruning was necessary. There is some inevitable repetition of of the stamp images. This is unavoidable. Some license has been taken when there are fewer stamps per book, and throughout the stamps illustrated are not confined to actual Discworld stamps. There are inevitable gaps, and the stamps are there purely in an illustrative manner; not all can be contemporary to the events in the stories. Characters like Death never feature on a stamp issue, and Death has no need of a postal service for mail from Death’s Domain, but there are ways around this. In fact many reader’s favourite characters do not appear on stamps. Stamp issues do not work like that. The images are not sized to scale; they are sized to fit the spaces available with the text. 

There will be updates, additions and corrections at some point. There will always be new Discworld Stamps being issued which can be accommodated somewhere in the stories.

Choose any book from the menu on the left, let the stamps take you on a
 journey through Discworld time, space, and culture - and enjoy!

Warning! May contain spoilers

(and a few nuts)


My thanks to all those who have been involved in producing the Discworld stamps over the years.
They are too numerous to mention, and I would hate to miss someone out.
Even more thanks To Sir Terry Pratchett for creating Discworld.

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